Axie Infinity to Secure Blockchain Network by Using Google Cloud

Sky Mavis, the developer of the famous blockchain game “Axie Infinity,” has partnered with Google Cloud as a validator to assist its non-fungible token network and blockchain gaming flourish in a secure and reliable manner.

The collaboration with Sky Mavis and Google Cloud was revealed at AxieCon, the organization’s annual gaming and fan event. The tech titan will become a validator node on the Ronin transaction network. This is fantastic news: Google Cloud will aid in the security of transactions on the “sidechain” that powers its gaming services.

“Axie Infinity” is a blockchain game about axolotl salamanders that you may play for free. As virtual pets, participants gather and sell “axies.” These animals are represented by NFTs. They are blockchain-based transferable crypto assets that users may use to purchase and sell anything. Players can raise and combat these animals for various in-game rewards.

The Ronin network, built on the Ethereum virtual computer, was created in 2021 to handle the millions of in-game microtransactions required to keep large-scale gaming running with minimal latency and cheap transaction costs.

In the validator node pool, Google Cloud will join Animoca Brands, DappRadar, and Nansen. Validators make the network safe by reviewing the whole pool for errors and providing central monitoring and protection for all transactions. They also monitor the accuracy of financial transactions.

According to Aleksander Larsen, co-founder and COO of Sky Mavis, validators are an important aspect in ensuring the integrity of all Ronin transactions. Another crucial thing they do is maintain ecosystems and collaborate on this. Google Cloud is a great pick since the corporation is recognised for assisting the developer community and has extensive technical understanding regarding operating validators and creating blockchain infrastructure.

The Ronin Network’s validator nodes were hacked in March, and $615 million was taken. The hacker utilised false Authenticator keys and withdrawal codes to steal bitcoin from the network in this assault.

The Ronin Network’s validator pool will be more difficult to exploit with the integration of Google Cloud. Larsen stated that Google Cloud has been a prominent cloud provider since 2020 and is now Ronin’s eighteenth independent validator, bringing the total to twenty-one.

Despite the fact that hacks and a “crypto winter” have led crypto values to fall by more than 70% from their highs in 2018, 2022 has been a fantastic year for blockchain gaming. DappRadar published a report on the condition of the blockchain gaming market in September. GameFi is home to more than half of all blockchain games.

“Axie Infinity” had over 36,000 players per day on average throughout the quarter and raked in $4 billion from NFT. According to data from the previous quarter, the number of blockchain games has increased by more than 2,000% since the same period last year.

Sky Mavis intends to use Google Cloud’s cloud delivery network to develop essential infrastructure such as Ronin and Mavis Hub, a platform for future blockchain-based games. The long-term objective of the firm is for the scalability of NFTs on the Ronin Network to become the industry standard in the blockchain gaming sector. With improved load balancing on Google Cloud, the platform will be able to provide a more fluid experience to users on any device, particularly those in distant places with limited Internet connectivity.

Based on Sky Mavis’ technology and relationships with major gaming firms, the company believes that Google Cloud will enable it to provide developers with scale distribution of user-created games and other experiences.

Trung Nguyen, Sky Mavis’ co-founder and CEO, stated that Google Cloud and its partner Searce assisted them at every level of their growth. This enabled them to provide a fair platform experience to 2.3 million Axie NFT holders. Google Cloud and its partner Searce have assisted us at every level of our growth, beginning with the Google for Startups Cloud Program and continuing to the present.

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